Complete Pool Service

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  • Brushing
  • Skimming
  • Tile Scrub
  • Checking and balancing of chemicals
  • Equipment check
  • Emptying of your skimmer basket
  • Vacuuming (once a month, or as needed)
  • Filter cleaning (every 6 months)

Waters Edge offers a variety of service in the D/FW, we have been working with pools for years and our staff is here to help. Owning and having a pool can be a pain when the time comes for cleaning, pressure washing and even service. There are many things that can go wrong from time to time and the key to keeping the pool perfect is taking care of it. Without regular cleaning a pool can fall into a dirty and dismal place quickly. The look of the intense blues and sparkling waters will be overcome with the look of an abandoned place in a horror movie.

The work involved in keeping the pool nice can be tedious and if the pool has been left for too long, the work can be very messy and hard to deal with. Even the best kept pools can need service from time to time and that service can keep the pool nice and safe for everyone. It is just a matter of getting it done and if you are like most people then you will want to turn to Waters Edge, rather than take on the mess yourself. We can have what needs to be done over with in a short period of time and have you back in the pool in no time. Whether it is just you, you and friends or you and the family, we are here to get that pool ready again and to keep it that way.

Nothing changes an overly hot and muggy day than a splash in the pool. Even sitting near the pool can have a lasting calming effect on the human soul. All of that hinges on a properly maintained and cleaned pool and that is why we are here. Waters Edge is the number one choice to make it all come together for you.